How Your House Can Help You Save Money in Winter.

As we head towards the winter months, it’s guaranteed that we’re going to be spending more money. Not only is it the season of festivities, with Christmas (admittedly one of the most expensive holidays) just around the corner, but as the temperature begins to drop, homeowners will inevitably spend more money ensuring that their homes can provide adequate shelter throughout the colder months. In the UK, recent news reports have announced that an energy supply crisis is set to add hundreds of pounds to our bills throughout the winter months, which will be an unprecedented threat to most homeowners across the county. To combat this financially tumultuous situation, We Buy Any House have compiled our top tips to help you save money around the house during the winter months.

Make the Most of Your Curtains:

When the sun is beaming through your windows on a bright winter’s day- make the most of it! A simple trick is to open your curtains throughout the day and get the most of the free heat. When the sun sets and it gets dark, shut your curtains as they can act as a layer of insulation and ensure the heat gets trapped in your rooms- acting as a free source of heat. Ensure that there are no gaps in your curtains so that the warm air can stay trapped, which will also reduce condensation.

Get Your Boiler Serviced:

Before the temperature begins to dramatically drop, it’s a good idea to get your boiler properly serviced to ensure that it works properly. Winter is perhaps the worst time for your boiler to break, as you may end up waiting a lengthy period of time for it to be fixed, and therefore be subject to no heating in your house.

Insulate Your Doors and Windows:

In order to keep the warmth inside your house, ensure your doors and windows are well insulated. In regards to your windows, make sure that they are double or tiple glazed. This may be costly and slightly out of budget, but they are a long-term investment and solution that can help reduce draft in the house, and therefore decrease your heating bill. If this isn’t an option, an alternative could be to add plastic coverings to your windows which will act as an extra thermal layer.

Add Blankets and Extra Thick Bedding:

Having the heating on throughout the night is one of the biggest ways to waste money. Although you may get cold when you’re asleep, there are plenty of ways to combat this without putting the heating on for that length of time. Firstly, add extra blankets to all the beds in the house, and invest in some duvets that are specifically designed for winter. The extra layers will ensure that everyone feels warm and cosy throughout the night without leaving the heating on.

Insulate Your Loft:

If your loft isn’t adequately insulated, then you may be losing a huge amount of heat throughout the winter months. This is due to the fact that heat rises, so the heating you will put on in your house will be rising and escaping through the loft. If you’ve had your loft insulation there for quite some time, then it may be worth adding to it. It may cost money but will be worth it in the long term.

Wear Extra Layers:

A great way to decrease the amount of money spent on your heating bill is to ensure everyone wears extra layers throughout the colder months. It’s time to get out the thermal leggings, fleeced jumpers and fluffy socks- as by wrapping up you won’t need to have your thermostat on so high!

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