What You Should Not Put In Your Pitch Fibre Drains

Are you putting everything in your drain pipe? Do you know it creates clogs on your drain? To prevent clogged drain, you should not set the below things in your Pitch Fibre Drains. Apart from that, proper disposal of things will keep your local water supply clean. So, let’s check those items below:


Eggshell may seem to you as harmless for the drainage system. But when you throw them in the drain, it gets ground. Now with the oily substances and grease, it gets stuck in your drainage system. It would be best if you put eggshells in your trash box rather than putting them down in the drainpipe.

Product Stickers

The product sticker may seem harmless. But it can create a lot of mess inside of your pipe. Even a little bit of sticker can get stuck in your drain pipe. After that, it catches the debris on its surface, which creates blockage inside of the drain. So, don’t throw your harmful stickers in the drain pipe. Instead, place them in your trash box.

Kitchen Oil

Often people pour used oil in the drain. But did you know this is not a safe practice for the environment, and this is illegal to do? This used oil can contaminate one year of water for 50 people. Instead of dumping used oil in the kitchen sink, you can call oil babe for safely disposing of them. In that case, you may need to call an expert to unblock drains Bracknell.

Cooking Fat

You can see after trying a few strips of bacon. It remains fat in the frying pan. It would help if you never put it down the drain as it gets hardened when in a relaxed state. It not only blocks your drain pipe. But also, it spreads a foul smell over time. You should never put it in the drain.

Flushable Wipes

You can find many stores that market their wipes as flushable. But actually, they are not. These wipes may not break down in the way that toilet paper does. Eventually, it clogs your pipe. The thing is, there are no wipes in the market that are flushable completely. So, make sure you are not harming your environment and drainage system.

Makeup Products

The makeup products don’t break down in the pipes in the right way resulting in costs in the drainage system. In that case, you need to think about what is in your makeup items. Not every item is consumable by anything, even when it fits nicely on the skin. Apart from that, putting those makeup items in the drain you are harming the environment too.


As long as you don’t put anything not flushable in the drain, you don’t need to call a drain cleaning service to unblock drains Bracknell. So, you should dispose of those items wisely and dispose of the garbage. In case you have a clogged drain in your house, give us a call immediately. We will always be there in any drainage solution at your home.

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